Acupuncture Expert Witness Case Review & Testimony By Justin Mandel, DOM AP

Acupuncture Physician Justin Mandel, DOM AP has been providing superior quality acupuncture expert witness case review and testimony for independent council, law firms, and insurance company’s since 2007. Additionally, he also provides herbal medicine and dry needling expert witness testimony as well.

Given the breadth of his total experience with acupuncture dating back since 1997, he feels perfectly at ease testifying on the witness stand and his accurate unwavering expert witness testimony in civil court has helped to win cases and his presence has helped to block the other side from successfully moving forward with their case.

Licensed in acupuncture in both New York and Florida, Justin Mandel, DOM AP provides acupuncture expert witness work for attorneys, law firms, and insurance companies throughout the United States.

To discover more about getting excellent, professional acupuncture expert witness help for your client’s acupuncture malpractice case contact Acupuncture Physician Justin Mandel, DOM AP office directly at 727-914-9116.

Justin Mandel, DOM AP fights for victims of acupuncture malpractice

Acupuncture expert witness Justin Mandel, DOM AP helps get justice delivered to malpractice victims