About Our Star Acupuncture Expert Witness

Acupuncture physician Justin Mandel, DOM AP got his start in 2007 in Dr. Jun Tu’s acupuncture clinic in his college town. Following graduation from colleege he attended the #1 school in the United States for acupuncture, the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. He received his 4-year masters degree in the Science of Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) in 2002.

His program included studies in acupuncture, Chinese herbology. tuina, cupping, gua sha, nutrition, qi qong and more. Studies in western medicine comprised of one third of his program which included anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, neurological

In order to graduate he completed over 4,200 hours of study including observationships, clinical assistantships, and internships.

Justin Mandel, DOM AP specializes in Overactive Bladder and holds 2 patents for his Bladder RE-EXPANSION Technique rehabilitation procedure that he invented. His first published book is due out in late spring of 2015.







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