Acupuncture Expert Witness Fees

Justin Mandel, DOM AP very reasonably charges $300 per hour to initially review a acupuncture malpractice case. He requires a 2 hour retainer up front to get started once your paperwork is received. His office will provide an email address for you to send the scanned paperwork for him to review.

Depending on the amount of paperwork that needs to be reviewed, a complete initial review including report will take on average around 2 to 3 hours. If your firm requires a phone call to discuss the case and prefer not to have written documentation the total length of the phone call to discuss his findings will be billed additionally at a rate of $300 per hour.

Please call to get current court fees which are charged by the full day.  If travel is involved room and board is additional.

To discover more about getting excellent, professional acupuncture expert witness help for your client’s malpractice case contact Acupuncture Physician Justin Mandel, DOM AP office directly at 727-914-9116.