Dry Needling

In addition to acupuncture expert witness services, Justin Mandel DOM AP now also provides dry needling expert witness services. The term “dry needling” is a term used to describe acupuncture that’s used by physical therapists. The purpose behind creating this new terminology to describe acupuncture services is to skirt around laws created to provide safety for the public for the practice of acupuncture.

Acupuncture itself is the standard of care that’s been set in place by our states governments due to the overwhelming number of hours needed to safely and legally be able to insert needles under a patients skin. Due to the highly limited number of hours physical therapists receive to perform dry needling the necessary education is not in place for physical therapists to keep the public safe.

Among the states that have recently ruled that dry needling by physical therapists illegal include:

  • Washington
  • North Carolina

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If your client has sustained injuries due to malpractice from dry needling by a physical therapist, Justin Mandel is the expert witness to have on your team to help acquire the largest settlement possible.

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Acupuncture expert witness helps get justice for malpractice victims

Justin Mandel, DOM AP will fight hard to get justice for your client if he/she were victims of dry needling malpractice.